Management Team


Garvin-Allen’s management team has been working on insurance industry software for more than 30 years. With varied backgrounds in the insurance industry, product development, strategic planning, project management, and advanced technology, our team’s vision has helped insurance companies of various sizes achieve their technology goals.

The Team

We are proud of our team’s commitment to continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers. Their focus on professional development includes PFMM (Professional Farm Mutual Manager), CBAP (Certified Business Analyst), PMP (Project Management Professional), Certified Scrum Master, and ISTQB (Quality Assurance certifications).

  • James Glennie

    James Glennie

    Software Architect
  • Max Lefebvre

    Max Lefebvre

    Software Developer
  • Caitlyn Sabine

    Caitlyn Sabine

    Customer Service Representative
  • Mike Jackson

    Mike Jackson

    Customer Service Manager
  • Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen

    Software Developer
  • Davis McPhee

    Davis McPhee

    Software Developer
  • Janet Oppedisano

    Janet Oppedisano

    Senior Business Analyst
  • Richard O'Neil

    Richard O'Neil

    Software Architect
  • Greg Gilmore

    Greg Gilmore

    Software Developer
  • Jess Baikie

    Jess Baikie

    Software Developer
  • Connor Walsh

    Connor Walsh

    Software Developer
  • Adam Osmond

    Adam Osmond

    Software Developer
  • Becca Solomon-Smith

    Becca Solomon-Smith

    QA Analyst
  • Mike Whitty

    Mike Whitty

    Product Manager
  • Ryan Robar

    Ryan Robar

    Software Developer
  • Bryan Marks

    Bryan Marks

    Business Analyst