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Effective management of reinsurance programs is vital to a company's profitability. It ensures that each claim is reviewed against contracts. It helps create a reinsurance program that's financially logical and enables optimal retention levels for organizations. It also ensures data integrity, allowing for the negotiation of the best premiums with reinsurance providers.

AIS delivers comprehensive solutions for all ceded, assumed and retroceded administration needs. Our solutions automate reinsurance administration and provide the necessary tools to monitor programs, analyze historical trends and make the best decisions.

AIS Reinsurance allows companies to:

  • Automate identification, calculation and posting of premium and loss cessions and retrocessions.

  • Configure treaties to a coverage level, including or excluding specific coverages.

  • Support daily tracking of limits to treaty caps/layer limits.

  • Generate and track per risk, per occurrence and per catastrophe.

  • Support user-defined risk accumulations.

  • Manage receivables, payables, fund-withheld balances and Letters of Credit with automatic account tracking and calculations.