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Our Quoting module is an off-the-shelf system that allows you to go from quote to issue in a single step. This Quoting module continues to save companies time and money. The incredible flexibility of AIS is that it doesn't have to be all or nothing; you can start with the Quoting module and add on at your convenience. Here are a few more benefits that you can enjoy with AIS' Quoting module:

  • Create a quick personal or commercial quote without the need to submit an application (faster turnaround, better service, single entry of data).

  • Transfer the 'quick quote' to an application in one easy step, eliminating the need to enter the data multiple times.

  • Save valuable time for your clients and underwriters through electronic submission of 'pre-underwritten' applications.

  • Export detailed quote information to external systems for easy integration.

  • Personalize screens, create company coverages and maintain your rates without programming.

  • Customize your applications and questionnaires with the Application wizard without programming.

  • Provide fast and accurate help to agents by integrating your manuals with AIS context-sensitive help.